Life insurance for depression

We understand that depression is a blanket term, which in reality, can mean very different things to different people. In a nutshell, that is exactly the case when it comes to life insurance for depression and critical illness cover. The details of your condition, which are unique to you, can have various outcomes from provider to provider and from product to product. Armed with a little background knowledge and understanding provided by you, we are able to detail what, if any, the implications of your circumstances might be and how best to approach the market to get the best outcome at the best price.

You will have a dedicated point of contact to listen to your requirements, so we can fully understand what you want from your protection plan. They will then ask you to explain your mental health circumstances as well as any other medical conditions you may need to disclose.

Knowledge is power

With a good understanding of what you want your cover to look like and an understanding of your mental health circumstances it’s time to move on to your options. Your dedicated point of contact will explain which providers will offer which products, what they cover, and at what price. It’s then over to you to consider these options and decide which, if any, is the right fit for your needs. If you choose to move to the application stage of the process, you and your dedicated point of contact will complete the questions over the phone. We have flexible office opening times so we can accommodate evening and weekend calls to ensure you are free to speak in comfort and privacy.

Our aim is simple. To find you the exact life insurance or critical illness policy to fit your needs, at the right price and with the absolute least amount of hassle.